Melons are one of the main fruit categories in Europe because of their sweet and mild taste. Their market is really competitive but as suppliers we put quality and differentiation first. We offer a wide variety of types of melons. 

Its origins are in Africa and the Middle East, but melons are now produced globally mostly in hot, sunny climates. Europe consumes approximately 2 million tons of melon varieties each year.

Each market has their own preferences on melons varieties. For example, Galia is one of the most common melons varieties in Europe. 

Types of melon

Galia melon

The production of Galia melon starts in May and lasts until August. In Murcia there is a long tradition of melon cultivation. The average production is between 7 and 8 million kilos and a large part of the crop is destined abroad. Central European demand is really high, followed by northern France and part of England.

Yellow melon

Yellow melons are generally available in the summer through mid-fall. This melons are also grown in both hemispheres, allowing commercial markets to import and export the melons for extended, year-round availability.

Cantaloupe melon 

This variety comes from Africa and Asia, however its name comes from the Italian city where it was first cultivated in Europe.

Among the largest suppliers of melons to the EU is Spain, which is the most important importer of melons to the continent, followed by Brazil, the Netherlands and then Morocco. Total EU imports of melons in 2020 were valued at €738 million.

Piel de sapo melon 

This type of melon is not as common in Europe as other varieties. Piel de sapo melon is really consumed in Spain, the sales of this kind of melon grew between 15% and 20% during the last years in the world. France, Eastern Europe, countries of Asia, Canada and Saudi Arabia are the countries where this melon is highly demanded.  

For us, the production of the different types of melons in Spain is really valued in Europe for its high quality and price. Thanks to the quality of our Spanish product grown by Sol de Levante we offer the market a solid and fast export service with worldwide delivery at any time and season.