Eating fruit is always healthy, but now that summer is approaching it is even more so because it hydrates us and provides us with essential vitamins. Therefore, we leave you some fun and healthy recipes to prepare the best fruit dishes this summer. 

Small bites of melon and watermelon 

Do you have a potato peeler at home? Well, let’s use it to turn seasonal summer fruits into an irresistible snack! Instead of chopping them, use the scooper for small melon or watermelon balls. These fruits are very rich in water, making them very refreshing.

Fruit skewers 

Summer seasonal fruits offer many delicious options! 

This presentation is another really easy option, with which you can combine different flavors and textures. Cut them into small cubes or shape them into a spherical shape with a scooper, as we explained in the previous section, to make them easier to eat. You can use watermelon and any variety of melon, Cantaloupe, Galia, Amarillo or Piel de Sapo.

Melon or watermelon ice cream 

This recipe for sugar-free melon ice cream made fresh is very easy to prepare, you have it ready in 5 minutes. You will only have to previously freeze the fruit and a couple of yogurts and follow our advice.

  • 500 g of the variety of melon that you like the most or chopped watermelon (the weight is the pulp, without skin)
  • 250 g unsweetened Greek yogurt
  • A couple of tablespoons of liquid stevia or honey.
  • We put the three ingredients, frozen melon or watermelon, stevia or honey and frozen yogurt, in the glass of a blender that has enough power to blend frozen foods. As soon as you see that it is slushy and creamy, you can stop.

Enjoy this summer cooking healthy and tasty dishes with yours!