Myrtea Export sets historic results from the last campaign, surpassing record growth figures of more than 43% both in volume and billing, despite the difficult start of the summer campaign.

These figures break a historical record for the company and close a tremendously positive year.

Myrtea Export strengthens its position as a fresh product exporting company in one of the most difficult years for the field.

These are figures that reflect the good performance of Myrtea Export as a marketer of fruits, vegetables and vegetables of 100% Spanish origin, in one of the most unstable years for Spanish agriculture.

In general for the sector, 2023 was a year of ups and downs and price and production uncertainty in some product segments that led to significant decreases during the summer campaign, but which Myrtea has been able to compensate with the rest of the campaigns.

Myrtea improves the logistics division and is committed to efficient transportation to continue offering a high quality service.

Myrtea Export is committed to efficient and environmentally sustainable transport, and therefore invests in its logistics division, providing it with the human and material resources necessary to develop a high-quality service.

We adopt a commitment to innovation and quality that allows us to continue improving day by day.

To all our customers we want to convey our commitment to continue delivering the best fresh product so that we continue building bridges to more successes together.

At Myrtea Export we invite those who do not know us to contact us to be part of it.