In a world where customers are becoming more conscious about the quality of products and the respect of the environment, we consider the necessity of including organic vegetables, especially our main production: brassicas, you can enjoy our organic broccoli, and during summer season, also our mini organic watermelon. But our organic production is growing now and soon we will be offering new varieties of organic production.

What does “organic vegetables” mean?

Organic products implies a production that combines better ambiental practices with the preservation of natural resources. 

It is considered an organic product, every product cultivated respecting nature cycles, without chemical pesticides neither synthetic or transgenic fertilizers, changing cultives in order to benefit from the land’s nutrients. This kind of production encourages local species that resist plagues and illnesses, and they are certified by approved agencies.

According to the British Journal of Nutrition, organic vegetables have 60 percent more antioxidants, 87 percent less of nitrites and 50 percent less of cadmio. 

Organic vegetables consumption 

The demand of organic products is growing, the worldwide market of food that comes from organic agriculture has multiplied in the century.  In 2016, it grew 13 percent in the European Union and at least 25 percent in Spain. 

Nevertheless, the countries with more consumption of organic products per capita during the latest years are Denmark and Switzerland. And the biggest markets of organic products in 2019 were the United States, Germany and France.

Every year the diversity in organic products grows, but the preferences in organic products are fruits and vegetables, legumes and cereals. 

Organic broccoli 

Broccoli is a quite versatile and tasty vegetable that is consumed around the world. It is a very healthy food rich in water, vitamins and minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium. It also has a wide quantity of fiber. 

All of these reasons make the consumption of broccoli have grown during the last years. Customers’ preferences have changed and they have discovered a super product that combines with a lot of vegetables, has a very good flavor and it is respectful with the environment and our health. 

The mind of consumers is changing and for this reason organic vegetables consumption will still grow. In order to give that we work with Sol de Levante to offer the best organic broccoli and bring them to you, any time, any season.